Have you ever asked yourself where you are going in life? Have you been confused or unsure about your direction or goals? Well, you are NOT alone! In fact, if you have asked yourself these questions, and others like them, then you are a step ahead of many others who drift through this world without really knowing their path in life. If you are wise enough to ask what you are doing with your life, this means that you are aware of the temporary nature of this life that we have been born into and are interested enough in making the most of it to ask questions, analyze your path and activate to make changes necessary for your happiness.  

In our busy, modern lifestyle, with economic situations crashing about us, the future does not look as certain as it once did for many of us. Expectations of The Great American Dream, whether in the United States or in other countries, has tarnished and become more than a bit wobbly. For some, it has already completely collapsed, never to return.


The financial author and commentator, Suze Orman, recently advised that we, as Americans, had better be ready to adjust to a lower standard of living. This also will apply to many other places in the world. As a straight-shooter who lifted herself by her bootstraps after being down-and-out, she has already experienced the events that many people are now facing and is already wiser through experience to know what she is talking about with this advice.  
Yet hard economic times are not the only reason to be questioning yourself and assessing your life each day. Ironically, if you have no economic worries, you are perhaps more at-risk for wasting time in life than some others who must scramble to survive. For Plato wrote in the 4th century BC that necessity is the mother of invention. It seems that human nature and struggle have many things in-common throughout the millennia. And Plato didn’t have any iPhone apps to consult, either! Without challenge, without exercising our hearts, minds, souls and bodies, we atrophy.

No, money is not the cure-all for life’s problems, though you may wish you had more of it to test that theory!
What we are talking about here is more than the economic system of the modern world in the 21st century. We are dealing with the natural human-nature issues that know no bounds of era, geography, social or political system. The restlessness and doubt that you feel in your soul, perhaps even a feeling of emptiness, is not unique to this age or to you, individually. However, our modern society has increased the stress level when it comes to expectations and goals.
What we must keep in mind is our inner self, our soul, our emotion and the intangibles that make up the heart of human existence. Without these, our struggles to climb career ladders, accumulate wealth or attain power will ultimately be empty efforts, leaving us, still, wondering what the point was.

Remember this: None of us is getting out of here alive. Some depart earlier than others. We are super-connected to breaking news of the day, from earthquakes and tsunamis in Japan , to traffic accidents and heart attacks in our local communities. All of these only serve to remind us of our mortality.

“Fine” you say. “I’m mortal, thanks for reminding me.”  But it’s not a matter of being morbid or negative. This should only remind us to make the very most of each day in life, instead of thinking subconsciously that it will go on forever. We should make sure to find and exercise the joy of living!

How many of us go to bed each night assuming that we will awake healthy and ready for the next day when that alarm clock rings? How many of us step out the door to get in the car for that drive to work or to the airport or a vacation trip? We make plans, don’t we? We plan what we will do five minutes from now, two days from now, five years from now. We’re a pretty optimistic lot, aren’t we! Well, whatever frustrations you are handling right now, I can assure you that life has many monkey wrenches yet to throw your way. 
And here is the point of all this: We are in control of the direction of our lives and no one else. Whether you feel tethered by practical considerations or emotional bonds, there are ways to live more healthily, more happily and with a greater feeling of satisfaction.

What am I doing with my life!


Ask yourself this question. If the answer has not changed in months or years, or if you never asked yourself that question at all, NOW is the time to start guiding your life towards a more fulfilling time of consciousness and joy.


Through this publication, now in it’s pre-editing stage, we will examine and reveal these and other considerations, providing options and alternatives, opening new avenues of thought and attitude.

You will certainly learn how to look at life with a different perspective and with a broader, more open mind. This will allow you to imagine scenarios for your own life that you’ve never thought about. This is all about opening new doors in your life!


Some specific issues that you will find addressed here include:


  • Our unwillingness to let go of our desire to control things that frustrate us.
  • Inappropriate expectations in life.
  • Living life with more joy, love and abandon.
  • Stop copying the thought processes of your neighbors.
  • Learn about living in other parts of the world and learning about other cultures.
  • Broadening your horizons through networking.
  • Training yourself to become more open-minded.
  • Re-discovering the ‘you’ that seems to have disappeared years ago.
  • Really examining your loyalties.
  • Facing irrational fears and then overcoming them.
  • Re-aligning your priorities in life.
  • How to develop and maintain physical and emotional fitness.
  • Learning to balance choices in life, opportunities, comforts and ambitions.
  • Realizing what’s right for you – not what someone else tells you is right for you.


These subjects, and more, are addressed in the chapters of this publication, this guide for enlightened and renewed living, a ‘Bootcamp’, of sorts, for your Life Change.


Releasing soon, this publication can help you in your quest to recapture a revitalized life.

Without taking action now to rediscover and redirect your life, I am reminded of Humphrey Bogart’s character as Rick Blaine in the film ‘ Casablanca ’: “You’ll regret it. Maybe not today, maybe not tomorrow, but soon, and for the rest of your life.”


Watch this site for future commentary, content and your opportunity to get a copy of this valuable resource for yourself.