When I'm at my happiest!

When I'm at my happiest!



The author brings the insight and learnings of life’s travels and experiences to his writings, punctuated with empathy, humor and energy. Having lived in 11 different states in the US and traveled to many different countries, Calvin has cultivated his natural open-mindedness and curiosity, seasoned with a good dose of wanderlust, to discover the truths of life. This has lead him down a multitude of paths. Fascinated by flight, he first designed, built and flew model airplanes in his youth. This progressed to flying the real thing, starting in his 20’s after military service. His love of flying and his desire to explore and share the joys of flight provided the motivation for becoming a flight instructor as well as earning advanced ratings, while enjoying camping under the wing at small grass airstrips across the US. He even ranged far and wide in an airplane that he built himself. Unique contract flying jobs highlighted his flying experiences, and he donated his time to fly relief supplies to Haiti after the earthquake. An earlier not-so-standard career in electronics brought success and enjoyment, through a wide variety of assignments, locations and explorations which literally carried him to mountaintops, albeit on showshoes.

Training and experience in the medical field rounds out his varied professional life. A novice scuba diver, lover of all outdoor activities and fitness, an experienced back-pack traveler of the world, spontaneous and streamlined and always ready to learn, he has also dabbled in real estate and has enjoyed refurbishing several homes.

Being a cancer survivor only enhances his appreciation and realization of the wonders of life. With an eye to the future, living the present to the fullest and drawing on the past for knowledge and experience, he enjoys nothing more than sharing this life-quest with other like-minded people.